Thursday, March 10, 2011

Increasing Vegetable Intake

This week I received the following question from

I have a very big issue when it comes to having diabetes and that is I do not eat vegetables.  I have tried.  I want control my diabetes and be around to raise my young children.  What suggestions do you have to add vegetables to my diet? 

What a fun topic! I'm so happy you are willing to consider adding vegetables to your diet because you understand they are a healthy option. I brainstormed a few ways you can add vegetables in your meals or daily diet:

  • Mix vegetables into baked dished such as adding spinach or mushrooms in your lasagna or favorite casserole.

  • Replace spaghetti with using spaghetti squash for your noodles. (This is actually really good, I was even hesitant to try it at first)
  • Buying pre-cut carrots, peppers or celery sticks helps it be more appealing to want to grab it from the fridge and eat it. Try dipping them in a light ranch dressing, hummus or peanut butter or adding them in a chicken or tuna salad along with peas

  • With Spring finally arriving you can also try grilling vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, onions or eggplant by making kabobs and adding some seasoning for some extra flavor.
  • Top you're pizza with all your favorite vegetables

  • Salads or mixing vegetables in a wrap or sandwich can make a great lunch
I hope this gave some creative ideas for you to add vegetables in your daily diet!

Leave comments with you're favorite ways to add vegetables in your day!